Dari Anas bin Malik r.a katanya, dia mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:”Sesiapa yang ingin supaya dimudahkan (Allah) rezekinya atau dipanjangkan (Allah) umurnya, maka hendaklah dia memperhubungkan silaturrahim (hubungan kasih sayang).”


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luahan perempuan bujang

Saya seorang perempuan bujang yang sedang melalui fasa-fasa perubahan dalam hidup saye..Saya tak pernah bising lebih2 bile kawan2 saye melalui fasa2 perubahan dalam hidup mereka.Kenape plak nak bising?..Kalau perkara baik,saye doakan & tumpang gembira.Kalau tak baik berlaku pada mereka,saye doakan mereka juga supaya dimudahkan urusan.

Oleh itu,don't comment anything bile anda rase saye telah berubah menjadi self-fish,super-busy women.Kalau saye self-fish pun saye tak menyusahkan orang,dan saye tak perlu rase bersalah jika saye tak dapat memuaskan hati mereka yang tak berape penting dalam hidup saya.Saye cume perlu puaskan hati ibu bapa saye kerana mereka yang bagi saye makan selama 25 tahun.

Saye tidaklah sejahat mane,se 'self-fish' mane pun...i know some people talk about me..some people don't like me because i'm always reject them when they asked for my help...yup,sometimes i am a self-fish  girl because there is always a reason for me for not helping them.Sometimes i just want them to remember that they always have another options of doing their 'not-very urgent thing' instead of asking my help...Eg:somebody wants me to send him@her somewhere because she@he wants to date with somebody's husband@wife.I hate doing that...tapi tu contoh jela.kalau betul pun,atleast orang tau yang saye tak suke that kind of things.mintak maaf kalau ade kawan2 yang terase hati dengan saye, saye hanye insan biase yang bermulut laser + kadang2 tak mampu puaskan hati semua orang.I just love helping people doing a good thing.
i know God can gives me difficulties or happiness at anytime He likes and i'm always remember how hard for me when nobody is there helping me when i'm in difficulties.At that moment,i'm asked to myself, is this the lesson i've got for not helping people?But then i'm realize, i can solve my problem without burden others,but i need to sacrifying something and take some risks,and i believe that God always provide me a way to solve my problems.that's what i've learnt and i want people learn too.

The picture below is my friend, alina (bukan nama sebenar)..hoho..She's very kind to me,humble.Sometimes i'm angry because she's so late ( i mean very2 late) when we promise to hangout,sometimes i'm very angry and my face turn to red with my watering eyes show up after that.she noticed that but then she knows how to make me cool.She knows my bad habit,she just listen when i babbling about other people.She's never judge me based on my background,she's never look down to me when other people just doing that to me..(ni yg aku stat nak nangis ni)..she knows that i do not like helping people if there are still  another options that they can survive with..She knows how to survive without burden others,ask helping when necessary.and i'm always admire that.i learnt from him.How bad i am,i just let my friend know about things that i like and i don't,but sometimes i'm not trying to understand him..She has option for not friend with me if she thinks my habits are just ugly...(i think myself is ugly)..But until today, she still with me.Wahai alina (bukan nama sebenar)..i just want to say thanks..that's all.