Dari Anas bin Malik r.a katanya, dia mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:”Sesiapa yang ingin supaya dimudahkan (Allah) rezekinya atau dipanjangkan (Allah) umurnya, maka hendaklah dia memperhubungkan silaturrahim (hubungan kasih sayang).”


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sabah in love


As promised, here is my Sabah's story. I can say that the trip was not a budget trip since everything was settled/booked within two weeks but Alhamdulillah, we got it at very reasonable price. Since it just both of us, my friend Yanti has settled the flight ticket&hotel, and i arranged the transport&activities. For the flight ticket, we flew with Malindo with the price rm330/pax (return flight+free 30 kg baggage+free snacks+travel insurance).Masa tu Airasia a bit expensive, so kita cuba flight lain. For the hotel,Yanti got some traveling membership so her agent has arranged us to stay at Grand Borneo Hotel,around  rm120 per night. The hotel was good but a bit far from bandar KK.

For the three-days travelling, we have decided to rent a car+driver only on the 2nd day, and using public transport for the rest. Glad that i know this 'abang', which was my schoolmate, living and running travel agency at Sabah. Asalnya saja-saja bertanya, but Alhamdulillah he offered me the rental car+driver to Kundasang-Ranau+island hoping package(3 islands) for two pax in around rm400. Kalau let say sewa kereta drive sendiri, risau pula sesat sana sini & bazir masa.

On the first day, flight kami awal pagi which was on 7 am. Sampai airport KK, we just directly went to the bus counter, bought rm5 bus ticket to Centre Point KK, had lunch, walked about 15 minutes finding another bus station and riding bus to Sepanggar kalau tak silap namanya (ticket rm2) to reach to our hotel. Masa ni berkilat-kilat kulit muka jalan tengah panas, tanya orang direction ke hotel. Memang sengaja kami pilih naik bas untuk rasa experience & enjoy the view. Alhamdulillah, orang Sabah baik-baik & peramah. After having rest & solat, petang tu kami berjalan kat shopping mall 1 Borneo, next to the hotel..then riding bus Sepanggar to KK for dinner & jalan-jalan. Singgah di Pasar Filipin, makan seafood & beli ole2. Back to hotel, naik taxi for rm30.

Second day, as promised kami mulakan perjalanan ke Kundasang around 8.30 am~9 am.The famous attraction points---Tagal Fish Spa, Tea farm, Canopy walk at Poring Hot Spring, Dairy farm (sedih tak sempat masuk), Kiram's village & last sekali Kinabalu Park. Believe or not, sepanjang perjalanan saya muntah 6 kali dalam kereta. Seumur hidup, paling teruk pun 2-3 kali je dalam satu perjalanan, sukar nak percaya.haha..Tapi percayalah.

Okay, i share you some pics on my 2nd day  =)

Pekan Nabalu, kat sini ada point untuk ambil gambar berbackground kan puncak gunung. Kebetulan, awan agak tebal masa ni, so nampak sikit je. Percayalah, the moment u see the gunung, mulut tak henti ucap Subhanallah..sebab view nya terlalu cantik,tinggi,besar, amazing!

Tagal Fish Spa, jinak-jinak ikannya..

Rumah panjang kat Tea farm, and Canopy walk di Poring Hot Spring. Mencabar juga lah nak daki bukit. Hairan juga tengok kenapa ada tourist pakai heel jalan kat canopy walk?

Desa Dairy Farm, kami sampai sini around 4.50 pm, tapi pagar dah tutup....kecewa babe.Waktu ni, sejuk sangat dah. Tak sangka kat Malaysia boleh rasa sejuk camni. Seingat saya, masa holiday ke Sydney dulu adalah rasa sejuk macam ini.

Kiram's village..one of tempat menginap yang ada di sini, tapi orang suka datang saja-saja tengok sebab view nya yang cantik & banyak bunga2.

On the third day, we had our island hoping activity in the morning. So start from Mamutik Island--Manukan Island--and last Sapi Island. Among these three, for me Manukan is the best one. Sapi pun cantik but a bit kotor sikit.

1st-Mamutik Island

2nd-Manukan Island..Kat sini cantik,bersih, ada cafe.

3rd-Sapi Island 

Siapa-siapa pun yang pernah ke Sabah, cubalah tanya..mesti nak datang sini lagi. Yang penting ikan masin, udang kering & ikan bilis mata biru wajib dibeli.

Total cost per pax
Flight return--rm330
Hotel 3d 2n--rm120
Transport+driver for 1 day + island package --rm200
Tiket2 berjalan+Makan 3 hari --rm150
Shopping -- rm500

 Bila berjalan berdua actually the budget like no different, tak begitu jimat tapi more comfort as you can just make a quick decision for everything.Yang penting, cari kawan travel yang tinggi tahap timbang rasanya & tak cerewet. Alhamdulillah for this great experience, moga sihat tubuh badan, murah rezeki, kita explore ke tempat lain pula. Okay then, babai & good night.

Monday, March 14, 2016

PTPTN story

Assalammualaikum and hai,

Just recover from sore throat and flu, after almost 9 months free from any sickness which is a very good record to me. Hihi..by the way a  few weeks before, i've planned some wonderful trip to Krabi. Actually it was Krabi, but due to BLACKLIST PTPTN, i changed it to Sabah. YES...IT IS PTPTN, memang sangat-sangat tak bagus untuk seseorang yang bekerja sebagai pensyarah seperti aku. Why blacklisted?, because i've paid the PTPTN on-off-on-off for the past 6 years. So padan muka.

Back to the trip story, i've planned the trip with my friend actually, kiranya ni ladies trip lah, no babies, no husband. Plan A was Krabi and Plan B was Sabah.So we proceed with Sabah since it is just local. One day, i've felt uneasy about going sabah, and surprise when a few people talk, it would be blacklisted for those going to Sabah&Sarawak. Logically, it should be okay to Sabah/Sarawak since there is no passport-thingy at the airport. I've asked PTPTN and yes it's true that they will block for those go to Sabah&Sarawak, but at the same time i heard one of my friend lepas je ke Sabah haritu.Tapi lebih afdal la kita settlekan sebab later or in future mestilah teringin nak travel oversea.

So one day, i went to PTPTN branch Nilai, but before that i advise you to do the study first..google everything about this blacklist, how to clear, documents required and the process, it will help you a lot. By the time i went to the branch and discuss with the officer, it become easy and fast sebab kita dah faham process nya, and document2 penting pun kita dah ready kan awal2. Pengalaman orang berbeza-beza, and me, i was offered to settle the outstanding at the lowest of 25%. Tunggakan tu dalam rm11 ribu plus2, so letaklah rm12 ribu genap. So i choose to pay 50%, which is rm6000 to be deducted from my Akaun 2 KWSP. At KWSP, they just do it fastly, urusan kat kaunter sangat pantas, it just that from the KWSP to transfer the money to PTPTN itu yang lama tu.Just imagine i have three days (working days) only before fly to Sabah. Kusut babe fikiran aku, baru kau tahu..haha. But don't worry, the PTPTN officer will help you sebab kita memang dah bayar tunggakan tu, bukan setakat negotiate itu ini semata-mata. He said that, tunggu next week kalau nama puan belum clear, nanti contact saya lagi. Jangan risau puan, kita boleh clearkan dalam masa satu hari. So i trust him, masa tu hari Jumaat, and my friend already booked the flight ticket as well as the hotel.

On the next weeknya, i got two days training at KL, mana ada masa nak call the officer. First day, isnin was too busy and tired, so i just have chance to make phone call on Tuesday. Before that, i checked my name in the system, masih lagi blacklist and duit from akaun 2 KWSP pun belum ditolak. Only two days left.So during the lunch time, i called him and said that my flight is on Thursday, and he asked to whatsapp some pictures of documents, and asked me to come to office on Wednesday together with setem hasil. On wednesday, around 10 am datang ke PTPTN, i've signed some agrements, untuk penstrukturan semula bayaran . Once signed & matikan setem hasil, he send something to immigration department, saying that i need to travel to oversea urgently. Katanya, dah macam-macam kes diorang (PTPTN) handle, ada yang last minit, ada yang kena tahan kat airport & patah balik ke pejabat PTPTN. Macam-macam hal. After spend about 30 minutes at PTPTN, the officer said that, okay puan, saya dah hantar ke immigration, so petang ni dah boleh clear, nanti saya call puan balik. At that time, i feel like, yeke ni..what if my name still not clear..nervous habis, gamble habis aku pergi KK ni. But Alhamdulillah, around pukul 1 pm, i received a phone call from the officer saying that my name already clear, within 3 hours. Syukur Alhamdulillah, and he remind me also, jangan lupa ya puan bayar according to the agreement, if not nanti kena blacklist lagi. Thanks a lot En.Amirul, PTPTN cawangan Nilai, after this they will deduct directly from my salary.

Just for your future reference, here i listed down the documents required for the whole process

 -Beberapa borang PTPTN (isi semasa di PTPTN)
-Surat perjanjian PTPTN untuk rujuk ke KWSP (printed at PTPTN untuk diserah ke KWSP)
-Transkrip & scroll ijazah (original & copy untuk diserah ke KWSP )
-Setem hasil 2 keping (Untuk agreement penstrukturan semula bayaran)

*Some process, required slip gaji & surat rayuan but in my case none of them.

Glad that i can travel as usual. At this writing this entry, saya dah pun selamat pulang bercuti dari Sabah.Next entry will be my Sabah's story. For some people, mungkin lain pengalamannya berurusan dengan PTPTN. It can be good or  bad experience. Just bear in mind, apa yang kita dapat adalah cerminan diri kita. Bila kita dah berjanji meminjam bagai, kena lah bayar. Okay then, Bye!